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Bahia & Its Spirits
Jan, 2013
 Rio de Janeiro, 
The Marvelous City!
March, 2013
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Hard work preparing the acaraje dough!
Big "moqueca" pan!
Big "Vatapa" pan!
The acaraje set up!
The crew: Chefs, Nathan, Fauzia and Teca with Becca and Julie, the magnific duo!
Chef Teca mingling with the guests
After Party: Chef Teca and musicians Duda Lucena and members from Malandro Soul band!
Chef Teca mingling with the guests.
Guest enjoying the event!.
Chef Teca mingling with the guests.
Pudim de leite (Brazilian flan).
Alegria, alegria!
Brazilian Brunch
Celebrating St. John’s Feast in the Northeast of Brazil!
June, 2013
Chef Teca mingling with the guests.
yuca and coconut cake.
Tapioca de coco (manioc flour tortilha style, filled with fresh ground coconut).
Center table decoration (bonfire) with peanuts.
Overview of the Brazilian Brunch.
Escondidinho de Charque (yuca casserole with shredded Brazilian beef jerky).
Canjica (sweet corn pudding topped with cinnamon).
mungunza (hominy corn stew).
Brazil’s Independence Day 
at the MUSC Urban Farm.
September, 2013
MUSC International Bazaar
"Taste the Nations"
          April, 2013
     MUSC Horseshoe